Automobile Insurance

Auto insurance provides financial protection that can arise in the event of an accident. Not only is it the law that you must have liability insurance on any vehicle that you drive, but auto insurance protects the investment that you have in your automobile.

We can also insure your classic automobiles. Whether they are restored, or in the process of restoration, we can provide you with a policy to protect your classic vehicles.

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Auto Insurance- Frequently Asked Questions

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I've misplaced my insurance identification cards for my vehicle, how can I get a new card?
Contact your agent as soon as possible and they will get you a new ID card right away
I'm on vacation and need to rent a car, does my personal auto insurance provide coverage, or should I
purchase the rental car coverage through the rental agency?
In most cases your Minnesota Auto insurance will cover your rental vehicle in an accident.
However, there are some areas where this does not apply. Contact your agent before you
travel to verify if you need to buy the additional insurance or not.
My car engine broke down and it needs to be fixed, are the repairs covered by insurance?
No, insurance will not cover the normal wear-and-tear on your vehicle.

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